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We Belong in One Friendship

November 25, 2016/Meet Ollie/0 Comments

We’re headed to see the drama club perform Little Red Riding Hood. I’ve been busy…

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We're All Different
Doing the Right Thing

Doing the Right Thing

November 23, 2016/Meet Ollie/0 Comments

I just knew my soccer team would do the right thing and invite Ollie to…

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Practing Lines

November 22, 2016/Meet Ollie/0 Comments

We’re going to be performing the play in front of parents and the entire school…

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Practicing Lines
Yajna and Ollie

Making New Friends

November 21, 2016/Meet Ollie/0 Comments

This morning my mom dropped me off at school earlier than usual because she had…

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Ollie’s Awful Mistake

November 16, 2016/Meet Ollie/0 Comments

Our first soccer match with Ollie on the team went terribly. The game was tied…

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Ollie's Awful Mistake
New at School

The New Kid

November 14, 2016/Meet Ollie/0 Comments

At lunch today we all sat together in the cafeteria and Ollie joined us. He…

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