Monthly Series

Bored Games

September 13, 2016/Fair Play/0 Comments

I’ve decided to write my English essay on board games in ancient Egypt. When I…

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Bored games
Lindi's dilemma

Lindi’s Dilemma

September 12, 2016/Fair Play/0 Comments

Running your own business can sometimes be a bit tough. Yajna still doesn’t want the…

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Yajna Makes an Offer

September 9, 2016/Fair Play/0 Comments

Poor Avery’s foot is still in a bandage. She says she is fine but I…

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Yajna's offer
Avery's hurt ankle

Avery’s Hurt Ankle

September 7, 2016/Fair Play/0 Comments

I had to go to the school nurse today because I hurt my ankle when…

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Duet with Malory

September 6, 2016/Fair Play/0 Comments

I was very excited when Ms. Gordon asked if I wanted to sing in the…

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Duet with Malory
Lindi's Beads and Feathers

Beads and Feathers

September 5, 2016/Fair Play/0 Comments

I’m a little bit upset today. I spent the whole weekend decorating Yajna’s pencils and…

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