Monthly Series

First Round of the Talent Contest

August 28, 2017/Aneesa the Star/0 Comments

Parents and eager kids fill the school hall in anticipation for the first round of…

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Talent Show
In Awe

Malory Leaves Everyone in Awe

June 23, 2017/Aneesa the Star/0 Comments

All the Avondale Kids are engrossed in the latest edition of the school newspaper. They…

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The Cat’s Out of the Bag

June 22, 2017/Aneesa the Star/0 Comments

“I told you not to tell anyone about what’s in the school newspaper!” Yajna is…

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Cat's Out of the Bag
Special Skills

Special Skills and Talents

June 21, 2017/Aneesa the Star/0 Comments

“I can blow bubbles with my spit, but that’s about all...” Ollie moans, feeling a…

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The Ad in the Paper

June 19, 2017/Aneesa the Star/0 Comments

Aneesa is spending the night at Yajna’s house. The two are cheerfully lounging on Yajna’s…

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Ad in the Paper
Official Role

Lindi’s Official Role

June 19, 2017/Lindi Runs for President/0 Comments

Ollie is on his way to Playrassic Park when he encounters a long line of…

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