Illustrated by Stephen Kulp

Hello, I’m Yajna. Some of my friends say that keeping a diary is old fashioned, but I never go to sleep at night without telling my diary everything that happened at school. That’s where I get to hang out with my friends Lindi, Avery and Aneesa. We always have fun when we are together.

I should be doing my English homework right now, but I have started reading the first Harry Potter book all over again. This will be the fourth time I’m reading it. I love Harry Potter because he can do magic and has a very cool scar. He’s also very brave and super smart and wears very nice spectacles. Dad says that he thinks I will become a writer one day, but I’m not sure yet what I really want to be when I grow up. I have asked my dad to send me to Hogwarts but he told me that Hogwarts is a make-believe place that doesn’t really exist. I know that he is wrong because I know that Hogwarts is really real. I’m going to write them a letter to ask them if they are real and if they are then they must please tell my parents to send me there so I can learn how to be a wizard – but only the good kind.

I have started writing my very own book. It’s about four girls who go to the same school. They are friends and play together almost all of the time. My book is called Best Friends Forever and I have written almost 13 pages. It is lots of hard work to write your own book but it is also lots of fun. I’m sure JK Rowling would agree, she is my inspiration. She is amazing and very clever.

I have to go and give Dobby some food now. Dobby is my pet cat. He has pointy ears and a very long tail and looks just like Dobby in Harry Potter. He is a very lazy cat and likes to sleep most of the time.