Illustrated by Stephen Kulp

Hi everyone, my name is Lindi. One day, when I’m a grown-up, I want to be a designer. I really like making things with my hands. I made a hanging herb garden at home with my dad. We used old plastic bottles and planted seeds in them, but first we had to make holes in the bottoms because my dad said the seeds would rot if we didn’t.

I really enjoy school because I get to learn new things every day. Ms Thompson, our social sciences teacher, told us that in some countries kids can’t go to school because maybe their parents can’t afford to pay the school fees or because it is not safe for them to go to school. I once saw a photo on the news where a group of small kids have to cross a broken bridge every day just to get to school. I was very sad and decided to start raising money so that more kids can go to school without having to worry about school fees or broken bridges. In my spare time I decorate pencils with glitter, feathers, African beads and ribbons and then sell them to the other kids at my school. When I have enough money I will go to Ms Thompson to ask for her help to make sure that the money goes to a kid who could really use it.

When I’m not busy decorating pencils or designing things, I play with my best friends, Avery, Aneesa and Yajna. We have been best friends since forever and we do almost everything together. We really like playing sports or having slumber parties. My favourite thing to do in the whole world is watching TV shows about people in other parts of the world. I always imagine what it would be like to play with kids from different countries. It would be great to eat the foods they eat and learn about how they live.

My biggest dream is to travel to a big desert so I can ride a camel. I would really love to learn another language or two so that when I travel, I can speak to people in their language.