Illustrated by Stephen Kulp

Hi everyone, I’m Aneesa. I love to sing! One day, when I’m big, I want to be able to sing just like the people on TV singing competitions. I try to practice singing as often as I can, but mummy says I can only practice in the shower because otherwise I will drive the neighbours mad. I think it is a bit rude because everyone likes to hear people singing.

If I don’t become an actress or singer I will become a movie director. When I was very small I was on a movie set for a television commercial that was selling toothpaste. It was quite hard work because I had to look at the camera and smile for almost two days! It was also very exciting because not many people get the chance to be on a movie set.

My friends Yajna, Avery, and Lindi convinced me to join the drama group at school and Ms Gordon, the drama teacher, told me I was allowed to audition for the school play. I did, but then Malory, an older girl in my school, got the main part and that made me very sad. Ms Gordon tried to explain to me that there is no such thing as small parts, only small actors. I don’t really understand what it means but mummy says I can always audition again for the main part in next year’s school play. In the meantime I will work extra hard to make my part in this year’s school play perfect – even though Malory has way more speaking parts than me.