Without You This Would Not Have Been Possible

April 14, 2017/Lindi Runs for President
Victory Speech

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one who voted for me to be president. Without you this would not have been possible.” Lindi stands on top of her desk dressed in her mother’s blazer and reading glasses. She’s busy practicing her victory speech when her mom walks in mid-speech to tell her that dinner is ready. “Oh that was just the beginning of the speech I’ll have to give if I win” Lindi explains, somewhat embarrassed.

Lindi’s mom is very glad to hear about her daughter’s ambition and fearlessness, but cautions her to focus on being elected first, before dreaming about how great the position will be. “Being a good role model is not all fun and games – it is hard work and requires fairness and objectivity” she reminds Lindi.

“Thanks, mom” Lindi says sheepishly.  She got a bit carried away and agrees to follow her mom’s advice. “If you were in my school I’d vote for you to be president.”

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