Welcome to Playrassic Park

May 5, 2017/Lindi Runs for President
Playrassic Park

The gang have come back to add the finishing touches to the new play area. Yajna suggested they call it Playrassic Park as a play on this former dump area being brought back to life. Everyone giggled and agreed on the name. As they busy themselves working, one or two curious kids pop in to check out what they’re doing.

“We’ve created a new play area,” Lindi says as she invites them over to play. “It’s called Playrassic Park and everyone is welcome!”

More kids show up and before long, the place is crawling with children laughing and having fun. Lindi and her team are thrilled and feel like they’ve accomplished something special –until Malory and her friends show up.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. I hope you don’t think this is going to make everyone vote for you,” Malory scoffs. “You’ve wasted all this time on your silly idea…I just hope you’ve prepared your presentation for assembly tomorrow.”

“What presentation?” Lindi asks, confused.

Malory revels in her glory. “Oh, you know. The one where we have to address the whole school to tell them why they should vote for us. I’ve worked on my speech all week, so get ready to lose.”

Lindi, who wasn’t aware of the speech, covers convincingly and chooses to be the bigger person. “Of course I’m ready. And I wish you the best of luck. I’m sure you will do great.”

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