Singing Lindi’s Praises

May 10, 2017/Lindi Runs for President
Kids Choir

There’s only one hour to go before the big vote. Lindi, surrounded by a very secretive and bubbly team, dons a brave face but deep down she fears the worst. They bump into Malory and her friends as they make their way through the courtyard. Before things get uncomfortable, Lindi extends a hand and congratulates Malory on her presentation the other day. Malory thanks Lindi with a forced smile and starts walking away without any more thought to Lindi’s attempts. It is clear Malory thinks she’s already won the election.

At that exact moment, a trio of kids start banging rhythmically on a set of drums and slowly gains everyone’s attention. Another group of kids emerge from hidden places and start harmonizing to the beat of the drums. Avery’s soccer teammates also join in with the rest of the choir and perform a song they made up in Lindi’s honor. There’s even a kid playing the trumpet. Together they sing Lindi’s praises, telling everyone how great she is and how much she has done for the school. The crowd goes wild, clearly taken by the genuine gesture. Lindi swells with pride.

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