Pony Rides

Lindi and the campaign team are still on cloud nine after yesterday’s cupcake victory. A couple of kids run up to them to ask if they’ll be handing out cupcakes again today. Lindi smiles and explains that the cupcakes were a once-off thing, but she still hopes she can count on their votes.

“Pony rides on the soccer field!!!” Lindi is abruptly cut off by someone yelling out an invitation. Within seconds the hallways are empty. Lindi and her team follow the sounds of frenzied kids who have formed a long line on the field where Malory has set up free pony rides.

“Where on earth did she get ponies?!” Ollie remarks incredulously, even though he secretly wants to have his own turn with a  pony.

Lindi doesn’t know what to say. She is visibly discouraged.

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