Our New Student Body President is…

May 12, 2017/Lindi Runs for President
Student Body President

Once again the auditorium is filled to capacity as Mr. Peters gets ready to reveal the result of yesterday’s big vote. Lindi’s team all hold hands in anticipation.

“It feels like the Oscars. I’m so nervous!” offers Aneesa.

“I am proud to announce our new Student Body President is…” Mr. Peters begins then pauses, building up suspense. Malory adjusts her position, ready to take to the stage and accept her new title. “… Lindi!”

The school hall erupts in applause and excited chants of “Lin-di! Lin-di! Lin-di!”

A baffled and confused Malory shoots her friends a disapproving look and slinks down into her seat. Lindi is stunned and overwhelmed by this wonderful news.

“You have to go up to give your speech now” Avery nudges her urgently.

Lindi walks on air as she makes her way to the stage, flashing her pearly whites.

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