Giving Speech

The school auditorium is filled to the brim with eager students and teachers awaiting the final words from all of the candidates. Malory goes first and wows the crowd with her awe-inspiring speech. It’s very clear that she didn’t write it herself as she muddles some of the words, but she recovers without anyone noticing. Her final words drive the whole school to thunderous applause and a standing ovation.

Lindi is left shaking in her boots. How on earth can she follow that? Feeling underprepared and nervous, she goes up to the microphone and clears her throat.

“He-hello everyone…” she starts weakly. It’s so quiet you can hear a pin drop. Aware of the awkward tension filling the auditorium, she trudges through her speech. At some point, she gets very nervous and muddles up her lines. With sweaty palms and a dry throat she pushes through on a better note than what she started. It is still a far cry away from Malory’s triumphant speech. Lindi stands tall and confident, thanks her fellow students for their attention, and ends her speech graciously. The crowd applauds, but it is clear that Malory is in the lead to be the next president.

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