Vote Cupcakes

While Malory is busy charming the kids of Avondale with her dazzling outfits and shallow promises of longer break times and shorter class periods, Lindi and her team are setting up a table in the school’s courtyard. The table is fancily clad with a snazzy table cloth and is adorned with all sorts of scrumptious cupcakes. Each cupcake is decorated with a “Vote 4 Lindi!” message written in icing. Before long, the table is swamped by a crowd of sugar-hungry kids eager to impress Lindi with their promises of votes. Lindi beams while reciting her plans for when she’s Student Body President.

“First, I’m going to set-up a crayon recycling project where old crayons can be melted down and formed into fresh crayons so that they can be donated to a children’s charity.”

Lindi goes on to reveal her other plans, such as organizing regular school visits to the animal shelter so that the dogs have more free time outside the shelter. Everyone is taken by her passion to make not only the school, but Avondale at large a better place and they start cheering her on by chanting “Lin-di! Lin-di! Lin-di!”

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