Lindi’s Shaky Position in the Race

May 9, 2017/Lindi Runs for President
Campaigners Meet

The day after the assembly, Lindi’s campaigners meet up without her to discuss Lindi’s shaky position in the race.

“If Malory becomes president then I’m going to another school!” offers a sympathetic Avery.

“She won’t. She can’t! Nobody cares more about the students and the school than Lindi.” Yajna eagerly jumps on the bandwagon.

Aneesa and Ollie can’t believe all of their hard work is being undermined by a spoilt little rich girl who only ever thinks about herself. The friends desperately throw around a couple of ideas to salvage votes before tomorrow’s election.

Aneesa shrieks when she suddenly notices the time.“Sorry guys, I have to run – I’m late for choir practice…” Before she can make a dash Ollie gets a bright idea.

“Wait! I think I have a plan…” Everyone’s eyes are peeled on Ollie, especially Aneesa, who hates being late, but is also eager to hear of a plan that can save her friend’s campaign.

Ollie gives them a cunning smirk.“Now listen carefully…”

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