Lindi Wants to Drop Out of the Race

May 2, 2017/Lindi Runs for President
Drop Out

Lindi has called a meeting with her team. They all congregate behind the school’s pool house where all the abandoned school desks and other broken furniture get stored. Lindi, looking bleak and insecure, clears her throat to address her fellow campaigners.

“Guys, I’ve given this a lot of thought and I’ve decided to drop out of the election for Student Body President. It’s clear that Malory is going to win this one. She is way more popular and I don’t have a pony…”

Before Lindi can continue Avery speaks up. “You’re making a big mistake. You are a way better candidate for president than Malory!”

Yajna agrees. “We wouldn’t have gone through all the trouble of making cupcakes and posters if we didn’t believe in you.”

“Yeah!”Aneesa and Ollie jump in to give Lindi a pep talk. “You can’t give up now, you’ve come so far – and your ideas for making the school better are far better than Malory’s.”

Lindi is swept up by her friends’ words of encouragement. “I never knew you guys believed in me that much. I promise I won’t give up! Also, I just got an idea…”

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