Jungle Gym

The whole school comes alive after Mr. Peters announced that applications for the next Student Body President are now officially open. Lindi immediately called a meeting at the jungle gym with Yajna, Aneesa, Avery, and Ollie to explain her desire to run for this very important office. She echoes some of the responsibilities that Mr. Peters touched on in assembly.

“The Student Body President’s main role is to serve as a mediator between the other school kids and the teachers.”

Aneesa eagerly adds to the list “…and he or she must organize new initiatives to get the kids more involved in extra-curricular school activities and to help people who are less fortunate.”

Lindi blossoms at the idea of being that person – someone that others can look to when there are problems to fix. Everyone agrees that Lindi would make an excellent president and immediately starts planning her victory. Lindi doesn’t want to get too far ahead of herself though. She has to be elected first and for that to happen they need to plan a smart campaign. Everyone buzzes with excitement. “High five!”

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