How to Get Elected… According to Aneesa

April 17, 2017/Lindi Runs for President
How to get elected

Lindi and the rest of the campaign team got permission to meet in the science lab to discuss their plan of action. Aneesa presents her ideas for a new “official and mature” Lindi. She shows Lindi everything from impractical high heels to female cravats, plaid knee-high socks, and a beret. “Image is everything when you’re running for president” she tells Lindi. “This how you’ve got to dress if you are going to be elected.”

“Maybe we can go for something a little more approachable?” Lindi suggests. She is thankful for Aneesa’s hard work, but feels the new wardrobe is a little over the top.

“I did exactly what you asked me to do” Aneesa tells her.

Lindi appreciates Aneesa’s efforts, but after last night’s conversation with her mom she thought it better to keep the campaign more true to who she is as a person – colorful, compassionate, and caring. The rest of the team agree, much to Aneesa’s disappointment.

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