A Flurry of Activity as Lindi’s Campaign is Underway

April 13, 2017/Lindi Runs for President
A flurry of activity

The friends are huddled together in a flurry of activity after Lindi sent each of her campaign team members a note of what their responsibilities are for the upcoming election. Yajna has to start thinking of some clever catch phrases that they can use on the posters. Aneesa, who knows a little bit about pageantry from being in the drama club, is in charge of Lindi’s wardrobe.

“I want to look more official, somewhat mature and very presentable,” Lindi tells Aneesa.

Avery and Ollie share the task of gathering paper, glue, and other materials to make posters and election buttons. Lindi will busy herself with research to find opportunities where she can make a difference as president. She quite likes the idea of introducing more environmentally friendly programs in the school – especially when it comes to recycling. The campaigners all agree to meet again the day after tomorrow to discuss their progress and other ideas.

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