Will Aneesa Sing?

September 21, 2016/Fair Play
Will Aneesa Sing?

I told Lindi, Yajna and Avery that I have decided to not sing in the school recital anymore because I’m not allowed to sing a solo. Avery said she understands how I feel because of her sore ankle and not being allowed to play soccer or tennis. Lindi said if she were me she would rather sing a duet with Malory than not sing at all.

I’ve thought about this and I think Lindi is right – if I sing really well in my duet then maybe Ms. Gordon will ask me to sing a solo at the next recital. I’ve started practicing the song Malory chose and I’m starting to like it a little. We’re all having a sleepover at Yajna’s house later this week to help her with her project, so I will sing my part to them and ask them if they like it.

– Aneesa

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