Lindi and the Pharaoh

August 30, 2016/Fair Play

I’m super excited today! Mr. Wilson, our English teacher, gave us an essay assignment on anything to do with ancient Egypt. Everyone will probably write about the pyramids, but I think it will be more interesting to write about Cleopatra. She was a very famous pharaoh, which basically means that she was the queen of Egypt. She knew how to speak nine different languages, which I think is great because it made her a better queen. She was also a very clever businesswoman. She helped make her country rich and powerful when she ruled it. I read that she even owned a perfume factory. Maybe all the cool things I’m learning about Cleopatra will help me be a good business person too. Which reminds me, Yajna ordered two new pencils from me today and I have to start decorating them.

– Lindi

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