A South African Farewell

March 15, 2017/Avery's Going Away
South African Party

Lindi’s room is covered in hand-made African-themed decorations, balloons, and a farewell banner. Everyone chatters merrily about Avery’s exciting new adventure as they devour Malva pudding, a delicious South African dessert Lindi learned to make. They all get a chance to say their final goodbyes to Avery by giving her handmade cards with special notes in them. Avery promises to write them all letters about her South African adventure.

Mikaela tells the girls about a beach where there are lots of penguins. Lindi immediately recognizes it as Boulders Beach because she’s seen it on her favorite travel show. She puts in a special request for Avery to send a postcard with a penguin on it should she ever go to Cape Town.

“Did you know that South Africa is the only country in the world where two Nobel Peace Prize winners lived on the same street? Both Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu lived on Vilakazi Street in Soweto.” Yajna made a point of reading several books about the country so she could offer interesting factoids just for this occasion. Suddenly, Avery becomes overwhelmed and the tears start to swell. The others also feel her pain and sadness. Without a word they all step in to give each other a group hug, relishing the last moments with their friend in Avondale.

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