The Invisible Ink Experiment

March 20, 2017/Avery's Going Away
Invisible Ink

Aneesa wonders if she should make a volcano with real fire lava coming out of it.

“That could be a little dangerous because we haven’t covered THAT chemical reaction in class yet…” Lindi says teasingly.

“Hmm. What if we make invisible ink?”Aneesa asks.

“That’s a great idea! I know exactly what we need.”

The two get to work by cutting up some lemons and squeezing the juice out into a bowl. Aneesa gets a piece of paper and a paintbrush, starts drawing a silly picture on the page. “Now what? What do we need to do to see the ink?”

Lindi smiles. “Switch off your light…” She giggles and adds, “trust me” when Aneesa looks skeptical. Moments later, the room is pitch black as Lindi searches for the lamp switch. “Aha! Here it is…” She switches it on and places the paper behind the light bulb. Lindi bursts out laughing when she sees what Aneesa has drawn: a rough-around-the-edges volcano with lava coming out of it.

“Brilliant! It works!” Aneesa is very excited about her science project and can’t wait to present it to the whole class.

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