Avery’s Fantastic News

March 21, 2017/Avery's Going Away
Staying Together

Aneesa is super excited to present her science experiment to the class. “I can’t tell you what it is yet because it’s a secret, but you’re going to love it!” She and Lindi exchange knowing smiles.

Before Yajna can push Aneesa for clues about her project, Avery runs up to the girls and tells them eagerly, “Hey! You’ll never guess what happened! We’re not moving anymore.”

“What, why?” everyone asks.

Avery explains, “My dad is taking a different role at his company and he gets to stay in Avondale!” The girls stare at Avery, not sure if she is being serious or pulling their leg. “Guys! I’m staying. For real! It’s not a joke!!” Finally it sinks in as everyone realizes that their best friend is not going anywhere. At once they all jump on her for another group hug, overjoyed at the fantastic news that they get to stay together.

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