Special Skills and Talents

June 21, 2017/Aneesa the Star
Special Skills

“I can blow bubbles with my spit, but that’s about all…” Ollie moans, feeling a bit sad that he doesn’t have any special skills or talents to enter the competition. Thanks to Aneesa, word about the contest has gotten out amongst the friends and none of them can conceal their excitement. They all want a chance to win a trip to The Ruby Palace.

Avery boasts about being able to bounce a tennis ball on the edge of her tennis racquet for a very long time. “My all-time record is 34 minutes,” she declares proudly.

Lindi is not so sure the judges will want to sit through 34 minutes of watching someone bounce a ball, but she doesn’t say anything for fear of hurting her friend’s feelings. They continue chattering on this way when Yajna pops up behind them, curious about their obvious excitement. Lindi quickly covers for the group with a very convincing story. Yajna is not so sure she believes her, but doesn’t have the energy to prod any further.

“Phew… That was close!” Lindi lets out a sigh of relief as soon as Yajna leaves.

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