Malory Leaves Everyone in Awe

June 23, 2017/Aneesa the Star
In Awe

All the Avondale Kids are engrossed in the latest edition of the school newspaper. They are feverishly paging through the content in the hopes of their name being mentioned somewhere. The girls and Ollie discuss their options for the talent contest. Aneesa’s been practicing a very special song she wants to sing, while Lindi has been training one of the shelter dogs to do neat tricks.

“Fluffy can already roll over, play dead and catch a ball. She’s so cute!” When Lindi sees that Ollie is miserable because he still doesn’t have a special talent to perform, she gets an idea. “Maybe we can team up? I need an assistant to help me with Fluffy.” Ollie happily agrees.

The next minute they all hear a feverish note being belted out by someone coming down the hallway. It’s Malory. She’s singing the latest power ballad that’s been playing on the radio, leaving everyone with their mouths hanging open in awe. She then lowers her voice down a few notches and eases into an upbeat dance song. She’s accompanied by her two best friends singing harmonies and mimicking her dance moves. The group comes to a spectacular finish in front of Aneesa and her friends.

That was just a little teaser,” Malory says as she flips her hair. “Good luck putting together your little performance.” They confidently brush past Aneesa and the others with their noses in the air, giggling with intimidation.

Ollie is still in awe of what he just saw when he accidentally puts his foot in his mouth. “Wow! That was incredible!” Everyone shoots him a disapproving look, especially Aneesa, who is now panicked and unsure about the contest.

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