First Round of the Talent Contest

August 28, 2017/Aneesa the Star
Talent Show

Parents and eager kids fill the school hall in anticipation for the first round of the talent contest. Lindi, Ollie, and Fluffy are up first. Fluffy fluffs his first trick, but with Ollie’s help and Lindi’s encouragement, she braves the other tricks and floors the audience with her daring canine skills. They get a loud applause as they take a bow and exit the stage.

Backstage, a jittery Aneesa is feverishly going through her song in her head. She repeats a difficult stanza over and over. Malory strolls past her just then, over-confident as always, and makes her way onto the stage. She shoots Aneesa a menacing look as she takes her place in the spotlight. Malory’s diva behavior is a clear hit with the crowd. They cheer and applaud for her even before she sings a note. Aneesa winces. She’s suddenly not so sure about her chances of winning the trip to The Ruby Palace. [TO BE CONTINUED]

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