The Ad in the Paper

June 19, 2017/Aneesa the Star
Ad in the Paper

Aneesa is spending the night at Yajna’s house. The two are cheerfully lounging on Yajna’s bed doing homework when Yajna clicks her tongue disapprovingly at all the spelling mistakes in the school’s newspaper. She has recently taken on the task of editor and wants to make sure that everything is perfect before giving the final draft to Miss Martinez. Aneesa decides to take a break from her homework to have a sneak preview of the school newspaper. “What’s that?”

“What?” responds Yajna, still concentrating hard on her review.

Aneesa points to a colorful notice of an upcoming talent contest. “Avondale will be sending two of their kids to compete in the finals later this month… The winner will get an all-expenses paid trip for two people to The Ruby Palace…”

Aneesa yelps excitedly, “That is SOOO awesome! I’ve always wanted to go! It’s the biggest theme park in the world and they have the coolest rides.”

“But you have to make it through the school round before you can compete in the final,” Yajna cautions Aneesa. “Anyway, I’m not supposed to let anyone see the paper before it gets printed, so don’t tell anyone about it.”

Aneesa promises, but is already picturing herself on the Twist-A-Rama, the most exhilarating ride at The Ruby Palace.

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