Mister Feathers’ Close Call

October 11, 2016/All About Pets
Mister Feathers' Close Call

Mister Feathers is the friendliest budgie in the world. Every morning when I wake up he chirps and talks to me. I wish I could understand everything he’s saying. Sometimes I open his cage door and feed him bird seed from my hand. It tickles a little when he hops around on my hand while he eats, but I think it means he likes me. Last night Dobby snuck into my room and I nearly lost it. Luckily I got to him just in time before he could do anything to Mister Feathers. Dobby is a bit cross with me because now he can’t sleep with me on my bed like he normally does. Luckily Mister Feathers won’t be here forever and then Dobby can come into my room again.

– Yajna

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