Welcome to the enchanted world of Avondale – a place where kids can dare to dream big and change the world!  Avondale Kids™ are far from ordinary and are fully representative of modern-day girls who are smart, well-rounded, and inspirational.

Each Avondale Kid boasts a unique personality that embraces diversity through forging genuine friendships with people from all creeds and cultures (yes, even grownups!).  It is their many remarkable qualities that make them the perfect companions for children.

Discover the true essence of being an Avondale Kid through each of their go-getter personalities.  Be inspired by Lindi’s creative spirit while Yajna mesmerizes you with tales of her favorite books and authors.  Avery will have you running around on the soccer field and Aneesa will dazzle you with her beautiful singing voice.

The great thing about Avondale Kids is that you only need to own one to become friends with all of them!  Yajna, Aneesa, Avery and Lindi can’t wait to welcome you to their friendship circle and show you just how special the Avondale Kids™ really are.


Quality is our top priority.  Avondale Kids™ dolls are made in Spain by a manufacturer with a long tradition in doll making.  They maintained the integrity of our concept designs, meaning no other brand is like Avondale Kids™.  Our dolls have a fresh-faced and natural appearance.  A large part of the production, including painting and assembling, is carefully done by hand giving each doll a custom-made feel.

Our manufacturer produces dolls for many well-known brands and uses European sourced materials that meet stringent international toy safety regulations.  Avondale Kids™ dolls are made from an unscented, phthalate-free vinyl that is durable yet soft to the touch.